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Our Solutions

At Gordon Rauch Complete Dentistry, we want you to feel more like a family member than just a patient.  Many of our patients have said, "I never thought I would have this much fun in a dental office".   


We strive to make your visit as relaxing and comfortable as possible.  Don't allow dental anxiety to be the reason you shy away from quality dental care.  Let us show you how comfortable dental treatment can be.  


Dr. Rauch's conservative approach to dentistry is very comforting especially if you are faced with difficult dental decisions.  You can expect compassion from each of our staff members.  We insure that your dental treatment options are made with strong clinical evaluation and with your best interest at heart.

Dr. Rauch is dedicated to maintaining the latest in dental technology.  He is commited to excellence in all materials and procedures.  Dr. Rauch treats all of his patients like he does his own family.





Lima Ohio dental office reception room decor with two comfy chairs, bronze colored magazine rack and paintings of landscapes
Lima Ohio dental office beautiful reception room decor featuring bronze magazine rack, leather couch and stone coffee table with Bible and other books
Lima's Dental Solution brand with toothbrush and dental smock
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