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Our Procedures

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Gentle & Compassionate Care

Whether you need extensive dental treatment or routine exam and cleaning, you can feel confident that the care you will receive will be of the highest quality as well as gentle.


At Gordon Rauch Complete Dentistry, we only use the best quality materials and we insure the highest sterilization standards.


We care for your overall health and will educate you on how dental issues affect the rest of the body.  We prefer to help patients prevent dental problems but should treatment be necessary, rest assured you will receive the best care possible.


We specialize in start to finish implants, full reconstruction cases, veneers, composite (white) restorations, bridges, partials, dentures and crowns. As well as mouths guards for bruxism and for sports.  We also offer teeth whitening. 


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Cosmetic Dentistry

Is there anything that you would change about your smile if you could?  You may be surprised to learn simple procedures can fix discolored, chipped or gapped teeth.


Services offered:

  • Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • Crowns, Bridges & Veneers

  • Composite (White) Restorations

  • Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)


We believe cosmetic dentistry can be used to assist in the overall look of your smile but should only be a secondary option to your dental and overall health. 

Dr. Rauch and his staff take pride in their work and want you to love your smile.

gloved hand holding a representation of a digitally produced x-ray of molars using the latest in x-ray technology
Complete Implant Placement

At Gordon Rauch Complete Dentistry, we offer start to finish implants; from implant base to crown restoration.  

In 2008, Dr. Rauch and his assistant received their certification at

The Midwest Implant Institute by completing the Surgical Implant Externship Program.


Do you currently have loose or ill-fitting dentures?

Dr. Rauch also performs implant-retained dentures and implant supported bridges.



We welcome all ages at Gordon Rauch Complete Dentistry.  Dr. Rauch's gentle demeanor is perfect for anyone with dental anxiety.  All members of your family can be treated at the same location.  We offer custom sports guards as well as Nitrous Oxide relaxation.


Payment types that we accept are cash, check, Mastercard & Visa.


We gladly accept most dental plans and submit claims on behalf of our patients. We will help you maximize your insurance benefits to reduce your out of pocket expense.

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